5 Fun Events in Texas (July 2018)

Ice cream festivals, live music on the water… mosquito festivals? July in Texas is chock full of a variety of events and things to do! Find some of our favorite picks below. Nothing here striking your fancy? We have tons of other ideas – just use our concierge service!

El Paso Ice Cream Fest – El Paso, Texas
July 1st

Beat the heat with this fantastic festival dedicated to everyone’s favorite summer treat: ice cream! Last year, over 20 vendors and 75 flavors were featured. You can’t go wrong with an ice cream festival in July!

Houston Zoo After Dark – Houston, Texas
July 19th

The Houston Zoo After Dark lets you enjoy the zoo in an adult-only environment. Explore the zoo from 6-8pm, and then enjoy entertainment from 8-10pm. July’s theme is Goin’ Country – enjoy line dancing, horseshoes and mechanical bull rides, or meet some of the zoo’s favorite party animals!

Night in Old Fredericksburg – Fredericksburg, Texas
July 21st

Enjoy this celebration of Texas and German culture! This event features a ton of different activities, like a washer pitching tournament, goat roping contest and a variety of cook-offs!

The Great Texas Mosquito Festival – Clute, Texas
July 26th-28th

Okay, so this is a weird theme for a festival – but it got your attention, didn’t it? Rest assured, there won’t be many mosquito-themed activities here, but there will be lots of fun, typical festival events like cooking competitions and live music!

Rockin’ the River – Fort Worth, Texas
July 7th-August 11th

This month-long music festival is perfect for summer – the events take place on a waterfront stage! You can hang out on land or in the water while listening to a variety of music. Plus, general admission is free!

Our 3 Favorite Date Finds – May 15th, 2018

It’s that time again! We have a lot of fun here at Crescent searching for the perfect date night activity – and when we find it, we love to share it with one another. So, we decided to share some of our top picks with all of you as well!

You can see our previous month’s top picks here, if you’re interested! We know we said we’d do the post on a weekly basis, but we obviously got a little busy. 🙂 Still, we’ll be sharing our finds as often as we can!

Hot Luck Food & Music Festival – Austin, Texas

This is one of the best looking food festivals we’ve found – possibly because it doesn’t focus on one kind of cuisine. Instead, it aims to celebrate all sorts of food. We are seriously jealous that we won’t be able to experience the Night Court, a showcase of gourmet dishes inspired by classic food court food.

The Chihuly Collection – St. Petersburg, Florida

You can find Chihuly pieces (Or Chihuly inspired pieces) in a variety of places around the US. However, it can be a bit harder to find a lot of Chihuly art all in one place. This exhibit fixes that by featuring a wide variety of pieces, including a 20 foot sculpture created especially for the site of the collection.

Early Morning with Pandas – San Diego, California

The San Diego Zoo is a classic date night or tourist spot – but did you know they have a ton of great extra activities? One of our favorite finds is the Early Morning with Pandas. For the small sacrifice of making sure you’re up in time for the 8:30am start, you’ll get the chance to watch the zoo’s pandas eat their breakfast, as well as meet other animals up close and personal. This is a must-do for any animal lovers!

5 Perfect Spots for an Offbeat Date Night

Have you been to every art museum in your area? Have a season pass to your local science center? Looking for an enriching experience unlike any other you’ve had? Well, then this list is for you. We’ve found 5 museums that focus on weird, unusual or just unlikely things to keep in mind next time you want a unique adventure. None of these in your area? Not to worry, we can help you find the perfect, unusual experience!

  1. International Cryptozoology Museum – Portland, Maine
    Delve into the mysterious and unknown at the International Cryptozoology museum. This museum is dedicated to the study of hidden or unknown animals. Think Bigfoot, sea serpents, etc. Whether you believe in their existence or not, this museum is sure to spark a fun discussion between you and your partner as you explore a variety of research materials and potential evidence of these creatures’ existence. Visit their website.
  2. Museum of the Weird – Austin, Texas
    Who doesn’t love a self-explanatory title? The Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas is a small collection of strange things connected to a gift shop. Inspired by dime museums of the past, this little museum is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the mood for something offbeat! Visit their website.
  3. National Mustard Museum – Middleton, Wisconsin
    Mustard can be a strangely polarizing condiment, but if you’re a fan, be sure to check out this museum! Founded in 1986, this museum is dedicated to collecting specimens of mustard – they’re up to almost 6,000! The best part? It’s all free, even the tasting bar! Visit their website.
  4. American Sign Museum – Cincinnati, Ohio
    Sure, you see signs every day – but we’ll bet you haven’t seen this many in one place! The American Sign Museum is a 20,000 square foot museum featuring signs of all kinds, from all times, whether they’re flashy and neon or more subtle. It’s a fascinating way to explore US history. Visit their website.
  5. Mystery Castle – Phoenix, Arizona
    The Mystery Castle in Phoenix, Arizona has a bit of a bittersweet backstory – a man named Boyce Luther Gully built it for his daughter after discovering he was ill with tuberculosis. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could send for her. She eventually moved in and started giving tours of her beloved castle. She has since passed on as well, but the legacy lives on. The castle has a ton of unique features, and is definitely worth exploring! Visit their website.