5 Awesome Arizona Events (July 2018)

Whether you’re looking to beat the heat or get out in the sun, Arizona has the event for you this July. Check out some of our favorites below!

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Winter in July, Phoenix Zoo – Phoenix, Arizona
July 14th

Is the summer heat getting to you? Then Winter In July at the Phoenix Zoo is the event for you! There will be 48 tons of snow, lots of snow-related activities and more. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat in July!

Real Wild and Woody Beer Festival – Phoenix, Arizona
July 28th

This indoor beer festival is huge – more than 65 breweries will be represented, serving over 350 varieties of beer. Plus, enjoy a variety of food, live music and even a rock climbing wall!

Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival: Titus Andronicus – Flagstaff, Arizona
July 20th-29th

The Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival isn’t exactly your typical festival – it’s more of a season at a theater. However, if you love watching live theater, you won’t want to miss out on their products! This July, they’ll be doing Titus Andronicus, one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays during his life.

Summer of Sharks, the OdySea Aquarium – Scottsdale, Arizona
July 1st-31st

July is a great time to visit the OdySea Aquarium – they’re having shark-related celebrations and activities all month long, many of them free with admission! Check their website on the day you’re looking to visit to find out more!

Happy Hour History Tours, The Arizona Biltmore – Phoenix, Arizona
Through August 31st

Enjoy two of the hotel’s most iconic cocktails – the Calalina Spritz and the Tequila Sunrise – and learn all about the history of The Arizona Biltmore, including learning about the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, and famous celebritites that have passed through.


5 Romantic Arizona Events (June 2018)

It’s not too early to start planning your June date nights! Arizona has a ton of wonderful events going on, whether you’d prefer to experience some Art and Music, or you’d love to watch the stars. There’s even a festival dedicated to lavender! Check out our picks below.

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10th Annual Rock the Canyon Art and Music Festival – Shonto, Arizona
May 31st – June 2nd

Experience music, food, and arts, all within the beautiful Shonto canyon in Arizona. You won’t want to miss this unique venue!

9th Annual Prescott Film Festival – Prescott, Arizona
June 8th-16th

If you love movies, you won’t want to miss out on this film festival! There’s a great variety of film themes to choose from, depending on your interests. Plus, there are some extras activities available, like a gourmet dinner and a movie package.

Sunset Crater Volcano Solar & Star Party – Flagstaff, Arizona
June 9th

Spend the day watching the skies – whether you’d prefer to do a solar viewing in the afternoon, attend an astronomy presentation or go on a constellation tour, there’s nothing more romantic!

28th Annual Grand Canyon Star Party – Grand Canyon Rim, Arizona
June 9th-16th

A whole week of stargazing opportunities – if you’re going to be near the Grand Cnyon, you won’t want to miss this! There will be a nightly educational slide show, constellation tours and more!

White Mountains Balloon Festival – Lakeside, Arizona
June 16th

Hot air balloons are such a romantic sight and experience! Whether you prefer to stay on the ground and watch them in the sky, or take a tethered hot air balloon ride, this festival has something for you!

15th Annual Lavender Festival – Concho, Arizona
June 21st-24th & June 28th-July 1st

Experience lavender growing demonstrations, wine tastings and lavender-based foods at this unique festival!

5 Awesome Arizona Events (May 2018)

May is such a wonderful month – summer is in the air and the world is filled with a ton of fun outdoor activities. There are a ton of things to do in Arizona in May – whether you want to visit butterflies at a botanical garden or try a new restaurant (or three!) or perhaps listen to a little Jazz music. Check out some of our top finds!

33rd Annual Tucson Folk Festival – Tucson, Arizona
May 5th & 6th

One of the countries largest free festivals, taking place in downtown Tucson. Features 120 musical acts including Pokey LaFarge and the Greg & Randal Morton band.

A Sip Of Science – Chandler & Phoenix, AZ
May 6th & 8th

For $15, enjoy light appetizers and conversations with notable researchers and scientists. Topics and locations vary – May 6th will be led by Joshua LaBaer, discussing amazing scientific breakthroughs in cancer research. May 8th will be led by Athena Aktipis, and featuring the unique topic Zombies Are Real: Are Microbes Controlling My Mind?

Spring Butterfly Exhibit, Desert Botanical Gardens – Phoenix, AZ
Through May 13th

Meet hundreds of butterflies at this special spring exhibit – and be sure you don’t miss out on the caterpillar nursery and emergence chamber! See butterflies emerge from their chrysalises in real-time. Exhibit is included with admission to the gardens – $24.95 per adult.

Jazz & Jokes, The Nash – Phoenix, AZ
May 17th


A unique combination to be sure – Jazz musicians and stand up comedians performing together in an improv show.

Arizona Restaurant Week
May 18th-27th

There’s no better time to visit that restaurant you’ve been dying to try than a restaurant week! Prix-fixe dinners for $33 or $44 dollars will be available at a variety of restaurants across the state. See website for list of participants.

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Our 3 Favorite Date Night Finds – April 16, 2018

As you can imagine, we spend a ton of time here at Crescent searching through countless venues and events, always on the lookout for the perfect date night (or day!) activity. We thought it might be fun to start sharing some of the team’s favorite finds on a weekly basis! Note that some of these finds may end up being events that have already passed.

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Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – San Francisco, California

If you’re a frequent follower of our blog, you may have seen our post about cherry blossom festivals being perfect date activities – and we still believe that! We’ve loved being able to recommend the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival because it falls across two weekends in April (and there are events during the week too!). It’s always great to find a date activity that works with a lot of schedules!

Desert Botanical Garden – Phoenix, Arizona

Can you tell we’re a little obsessed with outdoor activities this April? And why not? Spring is here and let’s celebrate it! There’s no better way to celebrate spring than to visit a local botanical garden. We love the Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona because they always seem to have a ton of special exhibits and events going on – if you’re in the area, take a look!

31 Supper Club – Ormond Beach, Florida

A bit of a change of pace from our other two favorites. This dinner club focuses on a 30s vibe – down to the art deco decor. You can enjoy a delicious meal and live music and then retire to the outdoor bar. Can you say glamorous? This place is perfect paired with a more interactive activity or as a standalone date!

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5 Perfect Spots for an Offbeat Date Night

Have you been to every art museum in your area? Have a season pass to your local science center? Looking for an enriching experience unlike any other you’ve had? Well, then this list is for you. We’ve found 5 museums that focus on weird, unusual or just unlikely things to keep in mind next time you want a unique adventure. None of these in your area? Not to worry, we can help you find the perfect, unusual experience!

  1. International Cryptozoology Museum – Portland, Maine
    Delve into the mysterious and unknown at the International Cryptozoology museum. This museum is dedicated to the study of hidden or unknown animals. Think Bigfoot, sea serpents, etc. Whether you believe in their existence or not, this museum is sure to spark a fun discussion between you and your partner as you explore a variety of research materials and potential evidence of these creatures’ existence. Visit their website.
  2. Museum of the Weird – Austin, Texas
    Who doesn’t love a self-explanatory title? The Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas is a small collection of strange things connected to a gift shop. Inspired by dime museums of the past, this little museum is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the mood for something offbeat! Visit their website.
  3. National Mustard Museum – Middleton, Wisconsin
    Mustard can be a strangely polarizing condiment, but if you’re a fan, be sure to check out this museum! Founded in 1986, this museum is dedicated to collecting specimens of mustard – they’re up to almost 6,000! The best part? It’s all free, even the tasting bar! Visit their website.
  4. American Sign Museum – Cincinnati, Ohio
    Sure, you see signs every day – but we’ll bet you haven’t seen this many in one place! The American Sign Museum is a 20,000 square foot museum featuring signs of all kinds, from all times, whether they’re flashy and neon or more subtle. It’s a fascinating way to explore US history. Visit their website.
  5. Mystery Castle – Phoenix, Arizona
    The Mystery Castle in Phoenix, Arizona has a bit of a bittersweet backstory – a man named Boyce Luther Gully built it for his daughter after discovering he was ill with tuberculosis. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could send for her. She eventually moved in and started giving tours of her beloved castle. She has since passed on as well, but the legacy lives on. The castle has a ton of unique features, and is definitely worth exploring! Visit their website.