5 Pairs of Earrings Perfect for Date Night

Have you ever found the perfect outfit for date night, only to realize that you don’t have anything to accessorize with? Never fear, we’ve found 10 perfect pairs of earrings to compliment your next date night outfit. Bonus: all of these earring are from Etsy, so buying them will support small businesses!

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Herkimer Diamond Earrings

We love these earrings for their unique shape! They absolutely scream understated elegance – pair them with a little black dress and you can’t go wrong!


Pepperoni Pizza Earrings

Planning on grabbing a gourmet slice as part of date night? Make sure the world knows how much you love pizza with this perfect pair!


Starry Night Earrings

If you and your partner love to hang out at art museums, then you absolutely need these earrings! What better way to show your love of art than to sport these pretty glass earrings?


Peeps Earrings

Looking for some Easter accessories? These peeps earrings are the perfect way to celebrate the season! Plus, they come in a great range of pastel colors!


Origami Rose Flower Earrings

These delicate earrings pair nicely with pretty much any date night – whether you’re going for a hike in the woods, attending a poetry reading, or indulging in a wine tasting.


Book Review: Probably The Best Kiss in the World

“Some women loved to bake, some to knit. Jen Attison loved to brew.”

Probably-the_Idea-NEW-01-HM-4Welcome, readers! Today, we’re going to discuss a delightful book called Probably the Best Kiss in the World, written by Pernille Hughes. We were lucky enough to score an advance copy, but it will be available on eReaders starting April 12th!

A brief summary, without giving too much away: Jen Attison is a woman in a quiet relationship with a dependable man, working at a job that’s not her passion, and trying to support her sister (whether she needs it or not). When she has time, she focuses on her true passion: brewing beer. An unexpected meeting with a handsome man on a weekend away turns her life upside down and causes her to question her priorities.

Though Probably the Best Kiss in the World┬ásounds like a typical beach read, I want to start by commending it on it’s depth. Not only does it explore the idea of romantic love and what it means, it also explores basically every kind of love you can imagine – love for a sibling, love for a career, love for oneself, etc. Despite all these complex and hairy topics, it remains a light, fun read throughout. Not an easy task!

The cast of characters is fantastic and memorable – ranging from Jen’s eccentric bosses-slash-future-in-laws to her strong and independent sister. Jen, herself, can be frustrating at times, but her strong support system isn’t afraid to be honest with her, and help her grow.

I also enjoyed the light education on brewing this book provides. It’s nothing too heavy handed, not like a brewing textbook disguised as a romantic novel, but Jen is definitely shown to be knowledgeable about her craft.

Whether you’re a beer aficionado, on the hunt for a beach read, or struggling with figuring out what path you want to take in life, this book has something for you! I would definitely recommend adding Probably the Best Kiss in the World to your wishlist today!