7 Post-It Love Note Prompts

Pretty much everyone agrees that love letters are romantic – but who has time to write them? And who even keeps nice stationary around the house anymore?

Never fear, post-it love notes are here! Post-it love notes are the perfect way to express yourself to your partner, while still hearkening back to the days of longer love letters. Write a few thoughts on a post-it note, and sprinkle them around the house before they get up or get home from work. Leave them on their mirror, wherever they keep their keys, etc.

Need some inspiration for what to write? Try these topics and examples!

  1. What physical trait of your partner do you love the most? – “I love the way your eyes shine when you laugh.”
  2. What personality trait or quirk of your partner do you love the most? – “I love the compassion you have for animals.”
  3. Reminisce a little about your favorite adventure together. – “Remember when we got lost in New York City and ended up at that little hole in the wall restaurant?”
  4. Talk about future plans – “I can’t wait until we go to the beach next weekend – just the two of us.”
  5. Suggest a date – “You, me, a fancy Italian restaurant, this Friday?” We can help you find some perfect date ideas, of course!
  6. Share your feelings – “Lately, I’ve been really anxious, and I’m so happy that you’re there to support me.”
  7. Share a dream for the future – “I can’t wait to celebrate our 10th anniversary!”

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