5 Fun Events in Texas (July 2018)

Ice cream festivals, live music on the water… mosquito festivals? July in Texas is chock full of a variety of events and things to do! Find some of our favorite picks below. Nothing here striking your fancy? We have tons of other ideas – just use our concierge service!

El Paso Ice Cream Fest – El Paso, Texas
July 1st

Beat the heat with this fantastic festival dedicated to everyone’s favorite summer treat: ice cream! Last year, over 20 vendors and 75 flavors were featured. You can’t go wrong with an ice cream festival in July!

Houston Zoo After Dark – Houston, Texas
July 19th

The Houston Zoo After Dark lets you enjoy the zoo in an adult-only environment. Explore the zoo from 6-8pm, and then enjoy entertainment from 8-10pm. July’s theme is Goin’ Country – enjoy line dancing, horseshoes and mechanical bull rides, or meet some of the zoo’s favorite party animals!

Night in Old Fredericksburg – Fredericksburg, Texas
July 21st

Enjoy this celebration of Texas and German culture! This event features a ton of different activities, like a washer pitching tournament, goat roping contest and a variety of cook-offs!

The Great Texas Mosquito Festival – Clute, Texas
July 26th-28th

Okay, so this is a weird theme for a festival – but it got your attention, didn’t it? Rest assured, there won’t be many mosquito-themed activities here, but there will be lots of fun, typical festival events like cooking competitions and live music!

Rockin’ the River – Fort Worth, Texas
July 7th-August 11th

This month-long music festival is perfect for summer – the events take place on a waterfront stage! You can hang out on land or in the water while listening to a variety of music. Plus, general admission is free!


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