Crescent News: The Summer of Dates

Tell Your Friends, Get Free Date Suggestions

Summer is here, and we want everyone to get the most out of it by going on unique date nights with their partner.

If you have an account and click here, you’ll find a coupon code for 50% off a date proposal fee. For every 5 people who use that coupon code when checking out, you’ll get a coupon for 100% off a Deluxe date proposal fee.

Don’t have an account? Click here to learn more about Crescent and sign up!


How will I get my coupon code?

Every Saturday, you will receive an email stating how many users have used your coupon code. If a multiple of 5 has used your coupon code, that email will also contain a coupon code for 100% off any date proposal fee, including Deluxe. This coupon code cannot be shared between accounts. Referral coupon codes can only be used once per account, and you cannot use your own referral coupon code.

How long are the coupon codes valid?

Referral coupon codes will be valid through September 1st, 2018. Free date proposal codes will be valid through December 31st, 2018.

Other questions?

Please email with any questions.


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