5 Must-See Museums in Georgia

Georgia is a state with a rich history – and they’re making sure to celebrate it with museums. There’s a museum here for everyone, whether you and your partner want to learn more about prohibition, american art, or even Coca-Cola!

Not in Georgia? Take a look at this page to find date ideas we’ve highlighted in your area!

American Prohibition Museum – Savannah, Georgia

It can be incredibly fascinating to visit museums that focus on one period of time. They tend to be able to deep dive on topics that broader museums wouldn’t be able to. The American Prohibition Museum is no exception – learn all about the temperance movement and its consequences.

Center for Puppetry Arts – Atlanta, Georgia

Just as it can be fascinating to visit museums focusing on one period of time, it can also be fascinating to visit museums focusing on one style of art. In this case, it’s puppetry. Don’t miss the Jim Henson collection, featuring iconic puppets like Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Columbus Museum – Columbus, Georgia

Not just an art museum, and not just a history museum, the Columbus museum combines both into one, fantastic facility. Whether you want to experience some American art or explore the history of the region, this museum is the one stop shop for you!

Cumberland Island National Seashore Museum – St. Marys, Georgia

This is a mix between a museum and a national park. First, take a look around their visitor’s center to learn about the history of the area. Then, take a ferry to the island itself to experience the magic of nature. You may even see some wild horses!

World of Coca-Cola – Atlanta, Georgia

A museum dedicated to Coca-Cola? Why not? Take some time to learn about the history of the beverage company, and then sample over 100 flavors, including ones that are limited edition or only available in select regions (including internationally).



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