Crescent News: New pricing options

Crescent has been live for a couple of months now, and we’ve been getting a ton of great feedback from our users! We’ve been doing our best to listen and make small changes almost every week. However, today we released a major change – a change in our pricing.

One thing that we’ve heard multiple times is that our users would like the option to customize the level of service they receive from their concierge. Some just want a quick date suggestion, but know that they won’t be interested in revisions. Others want the whole 9 yards – unlimited revisions, booking service, etc.

We thought quite a bit internally about the best way to make that happen, and finally settled on 3 packages: Express, Standard and Deluxe. We think that these three options will be a great way for everyone to get exactly what they need from the Crescent service!

Here’s a quick description of each package:


Get a date suggestion from a concierge within 48 hours.


Get a date suggestion from a concierge within 24 hours, and request unlimited revisions of that suggestion.


Get a date suggestion from a concierge within 24 hours, request unlimited revisions, and receive booking service – the concierge will book your restaurant reservations, purchase tickets, etc when applicable. All date requests that were open at the time of the pricing switchover have been automatically grandfathered into this option.

We hope you find this increase in service customization helpful! Another thing worth noting – while doing these pricing changes, we made some upgrades to our date request wizard. They’re definitely worth checking out!

If you have any questions or feedback, please email Ready to schedule a date? Click here to get started!


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