Our 3 Favorite Date Night Finds – April 16, 2018

As you can imagine, we spend a ton of time here at Crescent searching through countless venues and events, always on the lookout for the perfect date night (or day!) activity. We thought it might be fun to start sharing some of the team’s favorite finds on a weekly basis! Note that some of these finds may end up being events that have already passed.

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Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – San Francisco, California

If you’re a frequent follower of our blog, you may have seen our post about cherry blossom festivals being perfect date activities – and we still believe that! We’ve loved being able to recommend the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival because it falls across two weekends in April (and there are events during the week too!). It’s always great to find a date activity that works with a lot of schedules!

Desert Botanical Garden – Phoenix, Arizona

Can you tell we’re a little obsessed with outdoor activities this April? And why not? Spring is here and let’s celebrate it! There’s no better way to celebrate spring than to visit a local botanical garden. We love the Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona because they always seem to have a ton of special exhibits and events going on – if you’re in the area, take a look!

31 Supper Club – Ormond Beach, Florida

A bit of a change of pace from our other two favorites. This dinner club focuses on a 30s vibe – down to the art deco decor. You can enjoy a delicious meal and live music and then retire to the outdoor bar. Can you say glamorous? This place is perfect paired with a more interactive activity or as a standalone date!

Didn’t see a place near you on the list? Don’t worry, we’ve got tons of ideas! Just click here to get started!

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