6 Can’t Miss Cherry Blossom Festivals, April 2018

Cherry blossom festivals are a fantastic spring daytime date. Depending on the festival, you might get a chance to experience a Japanese tea ceremony, a traditional dance performance or even a cosplay competition. Plus, you get to spend some time outdoors in the spring weather!

Not interested in cherry blossoms? Maybe these 8 Exciting East Coast Events (April 2018) will be more up your alley. Or, we can help you plan a date that fits your interests perfectly.

Tip: Control+F your state’s abbreviation (CA, PA, etc) to see if there’s something near you! If you don’t see your state on the list, never fear – a quick google search will tell you if there’s one in your area – we just picked 6.

21st Annual Cherry Blossom Festival – Monterey Park, CA
Dates: April 21st-22nd
Cost: Free

Enjoy events such as tea ceremonies, martial arts demonstrations and more at this Cherry Blossom Festival held in Monterey Park.

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – San Francisco, CA
Dates: April 14-22nd
Cost: Most events are free

Visit San Francisco’s Japantown and experience the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival. The event runs a full week and includes activities such as Japanese Classical Dance performances, a ramen eating contest, and more.

Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival – Marshfield, MO
Dates: April 26th-28th
Cost: Most events are free

This Cherry Blossom festival features events such as a cooking class from a former White House pastry chef, a panel from descendants of signers of the Declaration of Independence and more!

Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival – Philadelphia, PA
Dates: April 7-15th
Cost: Varies depending on event

If you’re in the mood for some exercise, sign up for the Cherry Blossom 10K! You can also try your hand at sushi making, or experience a tea ceremony.

Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival – Nashville, Tennessee
Date: April 14th, 2018
Cost: Most events free

This Cherry Blossom festival has everything from a Cherry Blossom Walk to a cosplay competition. There’s even a dog costume contest!

National Cherry Blossom Festival – Washington DC
Dates: March 17th-April 15th
Cost: Most events are free

Join a cherry blossom celebration in our nation’s capital! This multi-week events features activities such as a parade (April 14th), a kite exhibition, and more!


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