One Easy Trick To Avoid Arguments About Dinner

It’s an argument as old as time: What should we do for dinner? (or any other meal). Maybe one member of the relationship is more indecisive than the other, or perhaps your taste in food completely differs. Either way, if you find yourself in constant arguments about food – this trick is for you.

It’s called the 3-2-1 trick, and it’s simple – one member of the couple picks 3 meal options (“Order Chinese, that pizza place down the street or leftovers”) and then the other member eliminates one option (“Eliminate the pizza place.”). The first member of the couple then picks from the remaining two options. This can, of course, be modified in a variety of ways – you could start with 4 or 5 options, you could do it twice, once to pick the type of food and once to pick the restaurant, etc. It’s very flexible!

Of course, this method isn’t perfect – there are a few things that both members of the relationship need to be willing to do. For one thing, they need to agree to try out this method in the first place. If one member of the couple is unwilling to even try eliminating an option or picking 3 options, then this trick is unfortunately a non-starter.

Both members also need to be willing to accept whatever the final meal choice is. No sulking or getting mad that they didn’t secretly pick the one you wanted! If this is something you or your partner might do, then it’s best to keep track of who had the final pick last time, and make sure to alternate – that way, everyone gets a turn picking dinner.

So there you have it – a nice, simple trick to avoid those strangely messy meal-time arguments. Next time you find yourself in one, give it a try!

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