6 Incredible Floral Gifts

Whether your significant other has a green thumb, or just loves looking at flowers, you’ll find the perfect gift for them here!

Screenshot 2018-03-08 16.09.09

Swarovski Flower Dreams

You can’t go wrong with flowers that last a lifetime! Product pictured is Forget Me Not, but you can find a variety of options here.

Screenshot 2018-03-08 16.14.29

Birth Month Flower Neckace

Do you know your loved one’s birth flower? Don’t worry, you can find a complete list (and a place to buy these necklaces) here!

Screenshot 2018-03-08 16.19.38

Long-Stem Gummy Roses

Satisfy your significant other’s sweet tooth and love for flowers with these adorable long-stem gummy roses. Find them here.


Vincent van Gogh: Irises Poster

Help your loved one decorate their home with flowers! Find this beautiful poster here.

Screenshot 2018-03-08 16.27.02

Culinary Dried Lavender

Perfect for the partner who loves to bake! There are a ton of delicious recipes involving culinary lavender. Get some here.


A Beautiful Bouquet

Sometimes, a classes bouquet of flowers is best. Find some gorgeous options here.

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