Crescent News: More flexible date scheduling, easier payment options

We’ve recently made some changes to Crescent to make it even easier to get the perfect date night experience! Before diving into what those changes are, we just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has submitted feedback so far. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please drop us a note at – we’re listening!

There were two big pieces of feedback we wanted to tackle first – the first was that payment was a pain. Many of our users are visiting us on mobile, and didn’t want to have to type their payment information using their phone keyboards. To fix this, we added support for Apple and Google pay! If you’re on a device that is Apple or Google Pay compatible, you’ll now see an easy-to-tap button on checkout.

The second piece of feedback we got was that there needed to be more flexibility in requesting a date. We have a few other things planned in this department, but the first major change is that you can now pick multiple days for your date. We recommend picking three or more for the highest quality suggestions. Here’s what it looks like:

Screenshot 2018-03-06 12.06.20

Ready to give our new features a try? Just click here to start scheduling a date!


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