Relationship Foundations: Love Languages

Does it ever feel like you and your partner aren’t on the same page? It could be due to a difference in Love Languages – the way in which you express and prefer to receive affection. We generally express love in the way we’d prefer to receive it. Unfortunately, sometimes that can cause feelings of neglect if our partner doesn’t perceive these actions as acts of love.

There are five main love languages – do you recognize you or your partner in any of these descriptions?

Words of Affirmation
People who prefer words of affirmation generally enjoy compliments, gratitude, or general acknowledgement.

Acts of Service
People who prefer acts of service generally enjoy when their partner takes care of things around the house or runs errands.

Receiving Gifts
People who prefer receiving gifts love getting bouquets or chocolates – even remembering to pick up their favorite snack on a grocery run can make them feel loved.

Quality Time
People who prefer quality time enjoy actively spending time with their significant other – but things like spending time in silence watching TV may not be enough for them.

Physical Touch
People who prefer physical touch enjoy the little moments like holding hands and cuddling.

Keep in mind that most people have a combination of love languages – only satisfying one of these preferences may not be enough. It’s important to have honest conversations with your partner about the way you express and receive affection. There are many resources online for discovering your love language, but the best may be to go directly to the source – you can find an online assessment here.


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