The Five Love Languages—Words of Affirmation

You may have heard of the five love languages. In general, you tend to give and receive in your personal love language. There is a quiz that you can take to figure out what your love language is. By doing this with your partner, you will be able to better show your love for each other.

One of these love languages is words of affirmation. This love language means that the person affirms others through their words. Let’s explore this love language in more depth!

What Are Words of Affirmation?

Affirming words confirm the truth in something that was said previously. For example, your partner knows that you love them. If their love language is words of affirmation, you might remind them of this statement often.

This love language essentially means that compliments are important to the person. This is how they want you to show your love for them, so be sure to try your best to do so.

How Can You Give Your Partner Words of Affirmation?  

If you’ve discovered that your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, you’re probably looking for good ways to act on it. As your relationship progresses, you will find more ways to speak these words to your partner. Until then, you might need some ideas.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most important times to speak words of affirmation into your partner’s life and how to do it.

Keep in mind that some of these may be generic, so you might need to alter them to meet you and your partner’s needs. Once you read through these examples, you should be able to come up with some others on your own!


If your partner is working on an important project or is getting worn down at work, your encouraging words can go a long way. Here are some phrases you might use:

  • I’m proud of you for working so hard this week.
  • I am really impressed that you were able to accomplish all of your goals for this month.
  • I know that you will do a great job on your presentation today.  


Your partner likely wants to know when you appreciate everything they do for you. Sharing your appreciation is a good way to let them know what means the most to you and that you notice their efforts. Here are a few ideas:

  • Thank you for always taking the time to make my coffee in the morning.
  • I appreciate you making an effort to cheer me up today.
  • I couldn’t have handled that issue at work without your encouragement.


In addition to using the above suggestions, you can ask your partner how they would like to be affirmed. They might have a particular compliment in mind that they truly appreciate from you and would love to hear more often.

You should remember to show all of the love languages to your partner instead of only their top love language. Though that one is the most meaningful to them, the other ones are still important and can keep a relationship strong!

5 New Date Night Ideas in Illinois

Maybe you feel like you have been to all of the normal date night locations, such as the movie theater, a concert, and a nice dinner. It can be nice to switch things up and give some new venues a try.

This list will help you to see what else is going on in Illinois in October. There are some pretty special events that you won’t want to miss out on! At these events, you can enjoy the cool fall weather, spend time with someone you love, and try something new!

Barry Apple Festival
October 4-7

The Barry Apple Festival is the place to go if you want to experience a variety of entertainment. The festival includes food, pageants, music, car shows, a parade, and contests. You can even shop from local craft vendors!

This festival takes place in Barry, IL. For a full event schedule and more information, check out their website.

Shaw’s Oyster Fest
October 4

Shaw’s Oyster Fest is on its 30th year, so you know it’s a good event to go to! Shaw’s Crab House hosts the entire thing. Here, you can enjoy happy hours and 50 cent oyster hours. There are also slurp-off competitions to participate in. Plus, there’s craft beer!

You can attend the fest at either the Chicago or Schaumburg location. More information is available on the website.

Chicago International Film Festival
October 10-21

Film festivals are becoming more and more popular, and they are a great place to go for a date. The Chicago International Film Festival is currently on its 54th year. One of the main goals of this festival is to celebrate diversity. It’s held at Cinema/Chicago.

The schedule is filled with impressive films of all types. Be sure to find a few to watch! You can view the complete schedule and purchase tickets via this website.

Quincy Oktoberfest
October 13

This Oktoberfest is lots of fun! It’s filled with activities that last from noon until 10:00 PM. Between 9th and 10th street, you can try beers from the different beer trucks. You can tour the tunnels beneath the breweries. There is live music and dancing too! You’re sure to have a great time!

The event takes place outside of QuBA’s Dick Brothers Brewery in Quincy, IL. For more details and exact times, look at the event’s page.

Maeystown Oktoberfest
October 14

Here’s another Oktoberfest you don’t want to miss! Luckily, it’s on a different day and at a different location than the previous one so you can attend both. The activities are unique too!

The Maeystown Oktoberfest is a good place to enjoy the culture of arts, crafts, and antiques. There are artisans selling their handmade goods. You will also find plenty of tasty treats at the food stands at the fest. Lots of these food items are homemade by local artisans. This is an excellent way to support the local businesses in your community!

The fest lasts from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM. To learn more about what this event has to offer, take a look at this posting on the town’s website.

5 October Date Night Ideas in Florida

Florida is a great place to get out and enjoy yourself. The comfortable and warmer temperatures all year round mean that you don’t have to spend time indoors once fall rolls around.

If you’re in Florida, you will find plenty of fun things to do throughout the state. Some of these are general events and others are fall and Halloween-themed!

Oakland Park Oktoberfest
October 5-7

The Oakland Park Oktoberfest is presented by the City of Oakland Park. At this festival, you can try some authentic German food and beer. You will also get a taste of German culture through dancing and music. There are even carnival rides and games to have fun with!

The festival takes place at Jaco Pastorius Park, which is located in downtown Oakland Park. There is free parking available and admission is only $5 per person (12 and under are free). For more information, check out the event page.

Kitetober Fest
October 20-21

At this unique festival, you can view countless creative kites. You can take part in one of the competitions, enjoy music from the DJs, and try food from one of the food trucks. Though there are children’s events at Kitetober Fest, it’s definitely fun for people of all ages!

If you don’t have a kite of your own to bring along, there are some available for purchase at the festival. It’s located at Haulover Park, which is in Miami. Here, you can learn more about the event and Skyward Kites.

Ding Darling Days
October 12-14

This event is a little bit different than the others that made the list. At the Ding Darling Days, you can explore the stunning J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. If you attend this event, you will get to enjoy eco-activities. There are quite a few good ones, including birding, archery, and a butterfly house. You can also take a free tour of the property. These are available via foot, tram, kayaks, or paddle board.

The refuge is located on Sanibel Island. Here is the link to the refuge’s website where you can view their events and get more information. 

October 27-28

This is the perfect fall activity to enjoy if you’re looking for a Halloween-themed event. Saturday is geared more toward the adults, while Sunday is filled with family fun.

On Saturday, from 6:00 PM until 9:30 PM, you can enjoy the Monster Mash Pub Crawl, live music, and fireworks. There is even an adult costume contest if that’s something you’re into. If you’re interested in Sunday’s events as well, take a look at the event page.

The Pumpkinpalooza is held in HarborWalk Village, which is on the Destin Harbor. To find out more about the event, visit this page.

Spiffs International Folk Fair
October 27-28

This folk fair has been an annual event for 44 years. At the folk fair, you will get to experience culture from all around the globe. There are tasty dishes to try, cooking demonstrations to watch, and ethnic crafts to participate in. You will also see plenty of cultural artwork and music throughout the fair.

It takes place in Vinoy Park, which is in St. Petersburg. To see all of the details, visit the Spiffs website.

5 Fun Fall Events in October in San Francisco Bay

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area or will be visiting in October, you’re in luck! There are plenty of great events in the area throughout the month of October. These activities are especially good ideas for date nights. Take a look at this list and choose a few favorites to attend!

Japan Film Festival of San Francisco
October 1st-7th

If you’re interested in film festivals or movies from around the world, this is the place for you to be. This film festival features Japanese movies, which include English subtitles. The main venue is the NEW PEOPLE Cinema, which is located in Japantown in San Francisco.

The actual festival begins on September 28th, so, if you’re in town a little earlier, you can catch a few extra films. Tickets are now available here.  You can also get a Festival Passport so that you can view all of the films here.

ArtWalk in Livermore
October 13th

This event is for the artsy couples out there. The ArtWalk features artwork from a total of 200 different artists. It’s completely free of charge, so you don’t have to worry about tickets. It takes place in all of the parks in downtown Livermore. The event runs from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM

In addition to artwork, you can listen to live music as you walk around. In the Bankhead Plaza, there will be cultural art performances from 12:00 PM until 4:00 PM. For more information, check out thispage.

SF Shorts: San Francisco International Festival of Short Films
October 18-20

At the SF Shorts Festival, you can view a selection of international films. These films come from a total of 25 unique countries! Each film is less than 30 minutes long, so you’ll have time to catch a few of them. The films play in the evenings on the dates listed.

The location is the Roxie Theater, which is located near 16th Street and Mission BART. You can see more information and purchase tickets here.

Botanicals and Brews Beer Garden
October 19th

If you’re into craft beers, this is a great event for you to attend. It lasts from 6:30 PM until 11:30 PM on October 19th. You will get to enjoy the beauty of the tropical plants on display while sipping some of the best craft brews out there.

With the purchase of a ticket, you will get:

  • A craft beer
  • Access to the Conservatory of Flowers
  • Access to the Palm Terrace beer garden

To learn more about the event and to purchase tickets, visit the event page.

San Francisco Halloween: Adult Trick ‘R Treating Pub Crawl
October 26-27 and October 31: 

Maybe you want to attend a Halloween event but aren’t interested in the traditional costume parties and hayrides. The San Francisco Halloween Pub Crawl is a great choice! Though costumes are allowed, they are definitely not required. In addition to trying out the drinks at each of the bars, you can enjoy dancing.

You can check in at Mayes from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Each of the bars will be serving drink specials. A few of the many bars included are:

  • Mayes
  • McTeagues
  • Lush Lounge
  • Blur
  • Bitters
  • Vertigo

For more information, this Facebook page is the spot to check.

10 (More) Conversation Starters For Long Term Relationships

As we’ve mentioned before, it can be common for people in long term relationships to run out of things to talk about after awhile. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but we’ve love to help you avoid another silent dinner.

Here are 10 more suggestions to spark conversations in those moments. We’ve written them here in question format, but most of them could also be brought up in a manner less reminiscent of an interview – for instance, you could start with your answer to the question and ask what they think or what their experience is.

  1. What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
  2. Who do you think has been the biggest influence on who you are as a person?
  3. If you could broadcast a 30 second message to the whole world, what would it say?
  4. Would you want to live in the universe of [insert TV show you’re watching together here]? Who do you think you would be in that universe?
  5. If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about your job, what would it be?
  6. Is there a video or board game you wish existed? What is it like?
  7. What’s the best band you ever saw live?
  8. What restaurant/venue/attraction do you wish they’d bring to our area?
  9. What do you miss most about your hometown?
  10. What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned recently?

Of course, a new and exciting date night activity can also help make sure you don’t run out of things to talk about. Not sure what to do with your partner? We’ve got you covered!